Outdated libvips in Elixir env


I’m trying to deploy an Elixir app using the Image library, which uses libvips. The build fails because of some vips-related compiler error, and I think they’re caused by the outdated libvips version (libvips 8.7.4-Sat Nov 21 16:50:57 UTC 2020).

Would it be possible to update it? If not, what are my options? Deploying a Docker environment?


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Thanks for reaching out.

I’ve logged an internal ticket to look into updating libvips on our Native Environments. However, I don’t have any timescales on when that might be actioned.

To have more control over your OS-level dependencies, Docker would be the way to go, as you suggested.

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Same issue with Ruby env which has libvips 8.7.4.

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