/opt/render/project/.gems/ruby/3.1.0/gems/bootsnap-1.16.0/lib/bootsnap/load_path_cache/core_ext/kernel_require.rb:32:in `require'

Hello Team, I am trying to deploy a rails 7 Api, following the official tutorial and get this error:
/opt/render/project/.gems/ruby/3.1.0/gems/bootsnap-1.16.0/lib/bootsnap/load_path_cache/core_ext/kernel_require.rb:32:in `require’.
this is the web service:https://dreamcars.onrender.com.
I looked it up on StackOverflow, but didn’t get a solution. can anyone help me?

Hello again,

I’ve just replied to another of your topics.

The line shared above doesn’t look like an error, just one line of a full stacktrace, which likely shows a more complete error message (check your support ticket that my colleague has replied to).

Please avoid multiple/duplicate tickets/topics this will just get confusing for everyone.


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