Not 100% uptime?


I’d like to host a Twitter bot that reads a twitter stream in real-time, and this NodeJS bot should remain online forever.

I tried to assess Render was a good fit for this job during my trial period, but what I see is that there are gaps in the logs, and I’m not 100% sure my bot was fully online for 7 days.

Can someone tell me what could have happened?

The keep-alive logs stop, and then start again a few hours later, mostly at 5AM, which makes me suspicious this time is something special for Render???

If you’re running a background worker, it should be always up. I took a look at the account associated with your email address and it seems the service was suspended in that period of time after your trial ended.

Hi Adrian

Can you explain me exactly when my trial ended?

I can see at least 2 “holes” in the logs, the 2 april and the 3rd april, so what you say looks suspicious to me, and the trial period was not enough to convince me Render is suitable for my use case. Can you expand it please so that I can try again for free?

I’ve extended your trial. Your trial previously ended April 3 at 16:46 UTC. However, the suspension process isn’t real-time.


That’s a bit annoying that the previous logs are not available anymore and that my previous background worker was simply deleted. Had to create a new one.

Can you help me understand why my trial ended the 3rd april but yet it seems my background worker was not alive during the 2->3 April night? I need a service that works reliably with good uptime.

I’m testing again to see if I have more reliable results, and added a setInterval JS log to be sure it’s not another problem.

Hi @Sebastien_Lorber ,

It’s hard to say since the service you’re asking about has been deleted and the some of the logs have expired. @adrian is right that the background worker should always be up. If you notice any future oddities, let us know and we can look into them then and give you more information.