Nodejs express/mongoose Request Timeout?

I’ve deployed a nodejs express mongoose application with it connecting to mongodb atlas cluster and I keep getting a timeout/no response. I know for sure that the issue is not with the connection or other similar things because

  1. i’ve whitelisted the outgoing ips on mongodb atlas
  2. the deployed branch works fine locally
  3. AFTER I get the timeout, I can see that the signin process completes in the logs
  4. I can see the relevant changes on the relevant collection

I’m not sure what else I can check here to fix this.

Hi there,

So just to clarify, the timeout is coming from your application, not the connection to mongo, correct? Or is the timeout coming from Mongo?

Could you take a look at your service logs in Renders Dashboard and see if there’s anything relevant there. It might also help to either increase your logging level or add some additional troubleshooting logs to help understand what’s going on.



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