Node.js Deploy Failed after listening on Port Indefinitely

When I initiate a deployment of a Node.js website I am working on, the build is successful but once my server.js file executes and starts listening on port 10000, the render build remains “in progress” for a while before failing.

Here are a few excerpts from my project:
Relevant files from project

Not sure there is a fix for this yet. Facing something similar. Any help @admins

Hi there,

This is likely a configuration issue. Ensure your service (guessing Express?) is listening on 10000 and host We often see the console.log “listening on…” being hardcoded and not a true representation of the code.


The issue is now resolved.
It was due to my server.js file. While moving my project from my local to render, I changed the hardcoded port values to use a dynamic port but accidentally replaced “3000” in my app.listen() with “PORT” instead of just PORT like it should have been to use the variable.

Thank you to nicoEXE for pointing out this admittedly absent-minded mistake on my part.

Hi there,
I have looked at your code and found this

app.listen("PORT", () => {

remove the quotes

app.listen(PORT, () => {

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