Node environment variable and $ sign

Hi, I m using free plan (thanks a lot for that !) for a Node.js application

Under “environment” tab I just added this as test :

  • key: MY_TEST_VAR
  • value : et+voil@@@_1$_2$$_3$$$_4$$$$_thats

Under my nodeJs project, I’m printing this var to the console:
console.log(- MY_TEST_VAR:${process.env.MY_TEST_VAR})

And what I see for “$” sign is that in some case, there is substitution, that impact env variable integrity :

Logs output : - MY_TEST_VAR:et+voil@@@_1$_2$_3$$_4$$_thats

I’m not sure where to post this, and I think this is maybe a bug.
If someone from render could reproduce and create a ticket please link it here
if there is another reason please let me know

best regards

Hey, Brice.

We are aware of this issue and are investigating. It appears to uniquely affect dollar signs, so our current recommendation would be to avoid using more than one in a row in your environment variables, opting for other special characters instead, if necessary.

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