SSH error

I’m trying to ssh into my node web service and I’m getting some kind of shell script error.

client_global_hostkeys_prove_confirm: server gave bad signature for ED25519 key 0: incorrect signature
/opt/render-ssh/bin/ export: line 84: DEBUG-OFF: bad variable name
Connection to closed.

Looks like it made the connection and then tries to run that shell script before hitting that error on line 84. I don’t think you can use dash characters in env vars. Might be a bug. As it stands now, I’m unable to use ssh. Any ideas?

Also, what’s server gave bad signature. Is that some kind of MITM thing you’re doing?

Hi there,

It looks like you have a DEBUG-OFF environment variable. Could you try changing that to an underscore instead of a dash?

This stack overflow article looks like it might have some useful information about the server gave bad signature



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