Node-based cron jobs failing due to Heroku error?

We have a cron job that is starting to fail. The service runs in node with a package.json that has an engines section that specifies "node": "^15.4.0".

This worked for a long time but is now failing with:

May 11 03:56:15 PM  error webbase@0.0.1: The engine "node" is incompatible with this module. Expected version "^15.4.0". Got "14.15.0"

When I try to open a shell in the cron job I see this output:

Looks like maybe it’s trying to download some script from a heroku-backed site, but the site is 500ing?

This has since resolved itself. The duration of the impact was about 12 minutes.

Digging around in /proc/1/environ in a shell, it looks like when:

render will make a request to to resolve the version. If that site is down, deploys/cron jobs won’t work. D’oh!