No video and image in production Vue

Hello! No video or photos in production. I think the problem is with the paths or maybe I forgot something.

Link to the site:

How can I see that the graphics are on the site, but only the one I connect like this:
<img class="img-style" src="/src/assets/graphics-element/iphone.svg">

The site doesn’t have a video background and reviews photo. I do connect it in a similar way though, but in an object.
I connect it like this:

<img class="img-review" :src="currentReview.url">

setup() {
    const reviews = [
      { name: 'Josef', isActive: true, url: '/src/assets/photos/1.png', }

Server error in the console.
Failed to load the resource: the server responded with a 404 status ()

The thing is, everything works and displays on the local server.


I see that you also have opened a support ticket, let’s keep the conversation there.

Jérémy, Render Support

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