App vue 3 Build Failed

My app is failing when i try deploy it.

app is a vue 3 with vite.
On local machine the build works fine.

Could not load /opt/render/project/src/src/@iconify/icons-bundle (imported by src/main.js): ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘/opt/render/project/src/src/@iconify/icons-bundle’

But the file is there.

is it possible that some of the folders in src got excluded by .gitignore and they are not being sent?

also, i’d be tempted to npm i iconify and see if you can use it from the node_modules directory instead the src folder, I’m a little confused why they’d be there anyway

lastly there is this cryptic post about the rationale behind the @ symbol: What does the @ symbol do in javascript imports? - Stack Overflow
were the second answer talks specifically about resolving js assembled by webpack/vue,

and of course my 2 cents, i always use require, so, not sure how import works LOL

Hi there,

Yes, check the last entry in your .gitignore file, it has src/@iconify/*.js Maybe these files are generated somewhere, and you need to run the commands to generate these files when you build your service.


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