Nicer UX for adding environment variables

This morning I was adding environment variables to my service, and after I got through like 10 of them I accidentally clicked the “Create Environment Group” button instead of the “Add Environment Variable” button. They are right next to each other and look nearly identical with a quick glance, so it was an easy thing to screw up. Unfortunately that took me to the Environment Group screen, but I couldn’t get out of that without losing all my work.

I love the environment group feature, it’s great. But any possibility that this UX could be cleaned up? Given that it was one of the first things I did after creating my account and starting my first service, it’s not the best best onboarding experience.

Basically, these two buttons are too similar:

You could maybe split the buttons up, have a way to “cancel” the group and get the data back, or have an “are you sure?”.


Agreed, and sorry you lost all your env vars! We’ll work on a UX fix.