Nextjs Build Successful But Times out

Oct 11 03:36:44 AM + First Load JS shared by all 125 kB
Oct 11 03:36:44 AM ├ chunks/framework-0d6ea1a7548c6e4f.js 45.2 kB
Oct 11 03:36:44 AM ├ chunks/main-95a0e088a15faacb.js 28.5 kB
Oct 11 03:36:44 AM ├ chunks/pages/_app-5773436585dd3eef.js 34.8 kB
Oct 11 03:36:44 AM ├ chunks/webpack-d5bbb0b8d9193a3e.js 817 B
Oct 11 03:36:44 AM └ css/42b16639e75c5456.css 15.8 kB
Oct 11 03:36:44 AM
Oct 11 03:36:44 AM λ (Server) server-side renders at runtime (uses getInitialProps or getServerSideProps)
Oct 11 03:36:44 AM ○ (Static) automatically rendered as static HTML (uses no initial props)
Oct 11 03:36:44 AM
Oct 11 03:36:44 AM
Oct 11 03:36:44 AM > sidequest@0.1.0 start
Oct 11 03:36:44 AM > next start
Oct 11 03:36:44 AM
Oct 11 03:36:45 AM - ready started server on, url: http://localhost:10000
Oct 11 05:33:59 AM ==> Build failed :disappointed:

When deploying my Next.js app the build is successful but it times out at the ‘ready started server line’. This seems to be a common issue for people with Next.js applications.

I’ve tried setting the PORT key to some other value. I’ve tried changing my package.json to “start”: “next start --port 10000”, which worked for another user but is not working for me.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Hi Chris,

Are you still running into issues here? I see that the latest deploys for your services were successful.

Let me know if you still require assistance.


I’d like to leave this up as it was very hard to find resources or solutions from others.

What solved the problem for me was removing “npm start”/“npm next start” from my build commands.

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