New Render UI is ugly

Render team,

The new UI is horrendous. It’s feels like High-contrast mode is on all the time. Please revert back to the original UI design for the Render interface.


Hi Nasim,

We appreciate the feedback, I’ll pass it along to the design team. If you have any other specific feedback, feel free to respond to the ticket you opened.




I understand the stark aesthetic the design team was going for, but it is executed very poorly. The dashboard is much more difficult to navigate and the visual hierarchy is a mess.

I’d love to hear from someone on the design team explain how the updated UI is an improvement over the previous version.


I have to agree. The new UI is not good. At first, I thought the CSS has not been loaded correctly, until it was clear, that this is intentional.
Please revert is or at least give us the option to change another UI.


Yeah it is total shit and user experince is also worse :-1:


I had to come here to confirm if my system was malfunctioning because I had loaded the dashboard on different browsers thinking the CSS wasn’t loading.
The old UI was perfect, please revert please!!
I randomly just click around with the old dashboard because the UI was neat, with this I don’t even want to spend time on the platform at all, my eyes are sore.

Thank you!


Yeah, it looks like something Microsoft would’ve created in 2005. :confused:


Have to say I agree with all these criticisms. The new UI is just awful. In some strange way, my mind just recoils at the site of it. It’s something about the combination of the huge amount of glaring white, near total lack of color, and the super small font that makes me not want to interact with it. It’s also an affront to those of us without eagle eyes. That font size is far to small.


Usually, I’m not too fond of comments from people complaining every time a product changes.
But this time, I have to agree: I hate the new UI in terms of aesthetics and UX.


A few weeks ago, I was reflecting on how lovely the Render product UI was in comparison to other flashier, more opinionated platforms like Vercel and Heroku.

And then I logged in and found the new UI. Everything that I appreciated about the simplicity and legibility of Render has gone out the window.

I just can’t grasp what the logic of making Render’s UI so #designed was about. It’s a utility for deploying web services, why is the typography so thin now? Everything is such high contrast. The colours on the event log are gone, making it harder to scan. Everything is hard-edged and rough on the eyes.

I really wonder whether this was user tested. It makes me tangibly sad.