Namespaced onrender urls

I created a pretty simple helloworld web service, which is accessible to my other services at:

Since this is different from the initially used name, I’m wondering if there are plans to maybe introduce namespaces here to keep these names account-agnostic?
Like <name>.<thisIsMyNamespace>, in which case all my services can internally use <name>.

For example, the name is used in our Cloudflare DNS proxy setup - should I delete the entire service and add it again, I’m guessing the random part also changes. Forcing me to update my Cloudflare record.

Or should I do it completely different anyway?


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Hey Harm,

Namespaced URLs is an interesting idea that would make for a good feature request at If you happen to be the first to use a particular name for a service, you will get the onrender domain without the random suffix.

Internally, you should be able to address all of your services by service-name:port rather than by their external URL.

Can you share more about the use case you are trying to solve by having more predictable URLs?

being predictable means I can script it, ie. I can have a custom CLI that onboards a new service:

  • create $name GitHub repo
  • create $name service in Render
  • register $name DNS record in Cloudflare
  • create $name entry in Pagerduty service catalog
  • add $name metadata to some sort of repository

Right now, it all depends on being the first which is unpredictable :slight_smile:

Having a namespace, either with a custom name or just some random string, makes it predictable and therefor scriptable.

it’s a feature request now: namespaced onrender urls | Feature Requests | Render

Thanks for filing the feature request, @harmw ! I think this makes a lot of sense, and I’ve passed the feedback along to the team.