MySQL Database Connection Errors and Blocked Host

I am writing to seek urgent assistance regarding an issue with my MySQL database hosted on Render.

Recently, I’ve been encountering connection errors from a specific host with the IP address ‘’. The error message indicates that this host has been blocked due to many connection errors, and it suggests unblocking it with ‘mysqladmin flush-hosts’. However, upon investigation, I realized that I’m not utilizing this host to connect to my MySQL database. Instead, my database is connected to another host.

Given this situation, I’m concerned about potential security risks or unauthorized access attempts to my database. I’m unsure about the source of these connection errors and why they’re occurring from a host that I’m not associated with.

Could you please assist me in investigating this matter? Specifically, I would appreciate your help with the following:

  1. Identifying the source of the connection attempts from the IP address ‘’.
  2. Determining if these connection attempts pose any security threats to my MySQL database.
    3.Providing guidance on how to address and prevent these connection errors and potential unauthorized access attempts.
    4.Assisting with unblocking the host if necessary, and ensuring the stability and security of my MySQL database on Render.

Please let me know if you require any additional information or assistance from my end to resolve this issue.

Thank you for your assistance and support.


MySQL is only deployable to Render as a Private Service, so it wouldn’t be accessible to the public internet, and only from other services in the same account and region.

Please could you share some specific details of the issue you are experiencing that may help us troubleshoot it with you, e.g. any logs/errors/output, specific URLs, service name/ID, reproduction steps, etc.

If you don’t want to share these details on the community forum, please feel free to raise a ticket from the “Help” or “Contact Support” links while logged into the Dashboard.


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