My Static Site build fails with no error (using Parcel)

Hi -
I’m trying to deploy a static site made of a collection of HTML-CSS-JS (vanilla, no framework) files that are bundled with Parcel. I’m able to build and run locally, however the build keeps failing in Render with no error code to debug from.

Example output below:
AM ==> Running build command ‘npm start’…
AM > client@1.0.0 start /opt/render/project/src
AM > parcel ./*.html
AM Server running at http://localhost:10000
AM Building…
AM Bundling…
AM Packaging & Optimizing…
AM :sparkles: Built in 1.92s
AM ==> Build failed :disappointed:

This keeps happening repeatedly and I’ve tried making some of the modifications from the forums here.

Appreciate any help!

Hey, can you check if your filenames are all lowercase? Render uses Linux inside the hood, which is case-sensitive unlike Windows. This would cause your builds to fail without a definitive error message - happened to me.


As we have already provided some help via the support ticket you’ve opened, let’s keep the conversation there to avoid duplicates.

Jérémy, Render Support

oh! interesting. let me give it a try. some of my files are named like “findProfile.html + findProfile.js.” thanks!

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