Loving Render so far! Couple basic questions with Web Service deployments

Hey folks, I’m loving the ease of use of Render so far, really glad I found the service. I had a few questions about some of the functionality.

  1. My dockerized web app is served from a Flask backend that I am running with Gunicorn. It’s recommended in the docs for Gunicorn that it should be run with a reverse proxy. But I have seen conflicting information regarding whether this is actually necessary for a Render deployed app. Do I need to include nginx inside my docker container? Or is this overkill?

  2. I have certain endpoints which server up rather large quantities of data, which could easily be abused. I was thinking of configuring rate limiting for these endpoints. I’ve found a blog post from Render saying that there is DDoS protection build in via Cloudflare but it’s light on technical details. Should I also be implementing rate limiting at the application level?

  3. Similar to 2, are there egress costs with serving up these large quantities of data?

Thanks so much!


  1. Your instance is behind Render’s reverse proxy, so you don’t need nginx (or similar) unless you want a specific feature, e.g., some customers use it for path-based routing between multiple Render services.

  2. The DDoS protection will protect against large DDoS attacks. However, it would be good practice to implement your own limitations in code to avoid any smaller misuse issues based on your own requirements.

  3. Depending on your account type, an amount of outbound bandwidth will be included per calendar month, e.g. 100GB for individual accounts. Overages add another 100GB block at $30 USD. Usage can be seen on your billing page. https://docs.render.com/faq#outbound-bandwidth

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