Log spew from database

Hey there, all of a sudden I started getting these entries in my logs. I get 4 every 10 seconds and it’s filling up my logging provider. Any idea what this might be? I’ve never seen this database handle before.

Oct 01 06:02:32 [dpg-ca17utvd17ce1r10hffg-a-84686cbf68-9lfxt] [3-1] user=postgres,db=postgres,app=[unknown],client=::1LOG: connection authorized: user=postgres database=postgres application_name=psql SSL enabled (protocol=TLSv1.2, cipher=ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384, bits=256)

It looks like there was some kind of database outage on Sepetmber 28 around 12:30 ET. After then, this log spew has been there. This is only affecting my databases that are on the Starter plan.

Suspending the database stops the spew, but resuming it resumes the spew, too.

Anyone else see this?

Hi there,
This is our database health check monitoring the database,


John B

Thanks @John_B. Glad it’s not a larger issue. I’ll filter it at the logging provider.

You can also be sure it’s “internal” if you were to remove having access to your database (if you haven’t ready) to further reduce the risk,


John B

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