Log level on Log Streams

Hello, we’re running an Elixir application on Render.com and outputting the logs to LogDNA via your syslog drain, but it seems that the log levels aren’t being respected. From the info I’m seeing on LogDNA, the PRI level is always <1> regardless of the log level (info, error, etc…).

Is this a limitation on your end, or do I have to format my logs in a particular format to make it work?

Hi @Luis_Jesus ,

I believe LogDNA requires that your logs use the syslog format defined in RFC 5424 if you want to get severity levels, you will need to emit logs in that format. I see that there are Elixir packages for emitting logs in the syslog format, but I’m not familiar with them and can’t recommend one. Ultimately, whatever log level you choose in your app, the log stream will only see it as plain text, so the text format will need to be one that LogDNA can parse.