Keycloak not working with nginx reverse proxy

I have been trying to deploy the Keycloak dockerfile along with the Nginx reverse proxy, current working with simple situation as any request to Nginx with location /auth/ will be forward to the Keycloak.

Not sure if i am missing something here?
Seems like Nginx cant connect to the keycloak server as the server didnt started i guess due to java command not found
The steps i followed are I have a dockerfiel with three stages stage 1 I uses Apline linux and on top of that the 2nd stage I build the keycloak and then I build the Nginx and also I got nginx.conf where i defined the passthrough to forward to keycloack.

The most relevant line in that screenshot appears to be;

java: command not found

You’ll need to add a Java runtime into your container. Keycloak offers their own Docker image ( Docker - Keycloak ), you state that you use it as Stage 2, but I’m unsure if you use Keycloak’s or someone else’s.

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