Issues disconnecting from Render DB

I’m using RedwoodJS and am trying to use supabase to host a db but render keeps trying to link me to the db created alongside my api and web service. I suspended the db service and added env vars for DATABASE_URL and DIRECT_URL

The error I’m getting:

Please make sure your database server is running at `dpg-coc2kn0l6cac73eop8e0-a`:`5432`.

Here’s more of the log, its pretty much just this over and over again with slight changes.

{"level":50,"time":1712941324418,"pid":108,"hostname":"srv-coc2l7gl6cac73eopnc0-hibernate-768749dc6c-xrml6","name":"graphql-server","err":{"type":"GraphQLError","message":"\nInvalid `prisma.gigListing.findMany()` invocation:\n\n\nCan't reach database server at `dpg-coc2kn0l6cac73eop8e0-a`:`5432`\n\nPlease make sure your database server is running at `dpg-coc2kn0l6cac73eop8e0-a`:`5432`. **Error continues in a similar pattern**"

Do I need to change me render.yaml file? Currently it looks like it’s mentioning the db.

Hi Aidan,

It looks like you may have suspended that database, could you try resuming it and let me know if you run into any issues?



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