Is there a programmatic way to create redirects?

Is there a file format like Netlify’s _redirects file? Or alternatively is there an API endpoint for adding/changing them?

We’re planning to add this to our REST API (Render API | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers) soon! The closest analog we have to a _redirects file would be our infrastructure as code offering, Blueprints, which allows you to define redirects in a yaml file: Blueprint Specification | Render.

Thanks @david that’s helpful. Is it possible to create/modify the render.yaml file during the build step (e.g. fetch a list of rewrite rules from a google sheet), or does that file need to be in its “final” state in version control?

It’s the latter. We use the render.yaml file from the most recent commit.

But the forthcoming API endpoint should handle your use case well!