Install newrelic

One of steps when installing new relic is to run on host this command:

curl -Ls | bash && sudo NEW_RELIC_API_KEY=NRAK-LHFP62IOB3AB7W9NDE7XAQEMFNC NEW_RELIC_ACCOUNT_ID=2808371 NEW_RELIC_REGION=EU /usr/local/bin/newrelic install -n logs-integration

Unfortunately, I get

Starting installation.
Unable to continue.  Please install sudo before proceeding.

I didnt find any docs on installing newrelic.

Any idea please?

Hi Dominik,

This previous community post is still accurate:

You can add your vote to this feature request for this capability: A export of metrics to New Relic | Feature Requests | Render.

You may be able to manually configure the integration like you’re trying to do using a Docker container, where you’d have more control than with a Native Environment.

I hope this helps point you in the right direction.



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