Node deployment suddenly cannot find module

Hi all. Coming across another issue with a recent node deployment. I have two apps running on Render, one working PERFECT and the other with non stop issues it seems during deploy.

I installed newrelic on both my apps, works perfect on development; running the exact same build and start commands works perfect locally. Works great on the first app. The second app keeps coming across with:
Error: Cannot find module 'newrelic'

I’ve checked the package.json, newrelic is included as it should. I’ve re-installed it, deleted and re-created the package-lock.json file; cleared build cache, etc.

The app is almost completely duplicate as the first app which works perfect.

I’ve checked the Node and NPM versions, and they match perfectly with my development setup.

Any ideas here? I’m at a complete loss. This should work but for some reason is not.

Hi there,

So sorry you’re running into issues. Could you send me the URL of the page where you’re seeing this error being logged? That will give me a little more information to debug with.


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