Insanely slow loading speed

My website is new and getting indexed on Google. The indexed pages were opening so slow, once they were open I could see them load way faster in a few seconds on another device. This was because of inactivity and it was causing a “cold start” I guess. Then I saw it was because of the free plan, and upgraded it to the starter plan last night, now the initial load of 20 seconds on the free plan became even longer… And it still doesn’t keep running and inactivity causes the slow loading? The inactivity period is also lower than 15 minutes which is said on the free plan.

Burak contacted us directly about this, and we were able to identify that the DNS for their custom domain had an invalid entry in ADDITION to the valid entry - so some folks would resolve to the good address and others to the bad address and refreshes may ‘flip/flop’ between the good and the bad.

To check you have the right config, use dig locally and check dig +short to check that it only returns our IP address ( else visitors to your custom domain may receive the wrong response and not see your service as you want.

Easy mistake.


John B
Render Support, UTC :uk:

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