Hugo build fails with Goldmark error msg

For a test repo using Hugo 0.81.0 (and I do specify an env var named HUGO_VERSION with a value of 0.81.0 in the UI), builds fail with the following message:

 * 'Goldmark.Parser.Attribute' expected type 'bool', got unconvertible type 'map[string]interface {}'

Since the Goldmark (Markdown parser) config changed in Hugo 0.81.0, this particular error makes me wonder whether the Render build process actually is using that version as specified by the env var.

Hi @bwintx, Render does not currently look at the HUGO_VERSION env var, but we updated our static site build environment to use Hugo 0.81.0. Feel free to create a feature request on our feedback page ( if you’d like to see us start using HUGO_VERSION.

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I think the reply is too ignorant to Hugo. Check out the theme version!:

@david Have now made that request. Thanks for the suggestion.

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