How to update files in the local repository


I created a web app using dash plotly module with python. In the localhost, I was able to change the local files and save them with ease, however, I am having a bit of trouble on figuring out how to update the files created in the local repository when I run the app on render. My code can push the changes made to the repository but I just need to figure out the path where the repository is cloned when I run the app on render. Here is my file structure :

  • → tendering (My github repository)
  •   --> src
  •         --> assets
  •         --> static
  •         --> Outputs
  •         --> Sources
  •               --> FiyatListesi.xlsx (File I want to update with dash callback)
  •               --> Packages.xlsx (File I want to update with dash callback)
  •               --> Source.xlsx
  •         --> (importing from app_pages, objects and functions)
  •         --> (importing from objects and functions)
  •         -->
  •         --> (importing from objects)


You can simply push the new code to your repository and Render will trigger a new deploy automatically.

Jérémy, Render Support

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