How to reduce Flower's connections to Redis?

I’m using a basic Flower configuration, having copied the settings from the Render demo django/redis tutorial, but linked to my own github project. When I launch my flower tool, I see that it is using up 23 of my 50 available connections. How can I reduce this to a reasonable number?

I’ve tried changing the start command to:
celery -A myapp flower --redis_max_connections=2 --concurrency=4 -l info

I also tried adding this to my environment:

Nothing seems to change anything. How can I adjust the connections?

I’m not sure I have an answer for you but it’s interesting that in Is there a way to limit the number of redis connections · Issue #888 · mher/flower · GitHub they reported exactly the same number of connections being used, 23. Definitely points to being a Flower configuration issue as something Render specific though.

Yeah I uncovered that same thread in searching for a resolution! Unfortunately didn’t see an answer in there…
I agree with you that it is a Flower configuration issue and not a Render specific issue; I was just hoping somebody here knew how to better configure Flower!

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