How to implement communication between 2 Render services?

I’m a novice to full stack development, and I have the following problem:

I have two services, (i) a React frontend and (ii) a Flask backend API with a Postgres DB, that I’d like to switch from AWS ECS to Render. I can find a tutorial for running a React static webpage and a tutorial for running a Django backend with a Postgres DB, but I can’t find a tutorial about how to get multiple Render services to communicate. Can someone please explain or point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Rylan,

Thanks for reaching out.

A common pattern for what you described would be to have the React frontend as a Static Site and the Flask backend as a Web Service, with a Postgres DB.

The static frontend would then be configured to make calls to the backend API over the public internet, e.g.:
A Static Site on, could make calls to Or with the custom domains you require.

However, every app is different and your specific deployment would depend on how the app is implemented. If your React frontend has any server-side rendering, or is served through Flask directly, you would likely run everything on a Web Service.

Hope that helps


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hey, can I ask why you are willing to switch from AWS ECS to render? Thanks

My partner (who had all the DevOps experience) and I are no longer working together, so I have to find a quick workaround that won’t consume much of my time. AWS requires too much expertise on the timeline I’m concerned with.

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