How to export environment variables?

Hey there!

Switched from Heroku to Render about a month ago, and from time to time I need to export all of my environment variables, either from CLI or directly from the dashboard.

In heroku, I have been using heroku config -a <APP_NAME>, which gives me the list of configuration variables. Is there such command in Render, as it really takes a lot of time to copy / paste environment variables from Dashboard to my .env file.



We have a CLI in the works, announcement post here: Release Announcement ยท Render CLI v0.1.0

But also, you could use the API (with a helpful tool called jq), e.g.

    $ curl --request GET \ 
              --url '' \ 
              --header 'accept: application/json' \ 
              --header 'authorization: Bearer API_KEY' \ 
              | jq -r '.[] | (.envVar.key + ": " + .envVar.value)'


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