How to disable individual services in preview environment?

I know it’s possible to override the plan type for individual services in the preview environment via the blueprint file, but it seems like there should additionally be a way to disable individual services altogether. I’m not seeing anything in the documentation, is this possible?

The preview environment doesn’t support disabling individual services. What would be the use case?

As an example, we have a web app with background workers/cron jobs. For the preview environment we still would want the web service and database, but not necessarily all of the workers or cron jobs. We also have a service specifically used to ship logs in production that wouldn’t make sense in a preview environment

@Hao-Ji_Wu does our use case seem to make sense? Happy to add a product request if so, but if you have any other suggestions would be open to trying another approach!


Yes, the use case makes sense to me. Render preview environment doesn’t support enabling/disabling individual services. I create a feature request and please upvote it to get a notification when the feature is available.

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Thank you!

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