How to deploy image from my registry?

I’m developing a Java app using Quarkus framework. It has some utility that can build an executable, create a Docker image, and then push the image to a registry (Quarkus - Building a Native Executable).

How do I deploy this image from my registry?

FYI, I currently use CapRover, and this is how I do it (in my CI/CD):
docker run caprover/cli-caprover:v2.1.1 caprover deploy --caproverUrl "$CAPROVER_URL" --caproverPassword "$CAPROVER_PASSWORD" --caproverApp $CAPROVER_APP --imageName $IMAGE_TAG

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It’s not currently possible to push Docker images directly to Render. This feature is planned, but we don’t have a timescale to share at the moment. The current Render workflow builds the image from your Dockerfile on deploy. More here on Docker with Render.

The feature request is logged on our feedback site, please feel free to upvote/comment:

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