How to deploy a TypeSense docker in

I am trying to create a custom docker image for TypseSense server in using a dockerfile created in Gitlab and deployed to

I created a dockerfile in gitlab, It shows pushing image to registry but server is getting failed.

After the image is generated I would like to execute the following command :

“docker run -p 8108:8108 -v/tmp/typesense-data:/data typesense/typesense:0.21.0 --data-dir /data --api-key=xyz”

Would like to know how all this could be done.

Hi @nitin92, I don’t have too much background on deploying Typesense specifically, but there is an unofficial, community-contributed template here, which may help you with getting started: GitHub - hmbrg/typesense-on-render: Deploy Typesense on

Many Thanks. I had a look at the provided github repo and was able to deploy a TypeSense server in similar way.

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