How long until new Erlang versions are supported?

Erlang 25.0.2 has been out for a few weeks now, but is still not available on Render.

I am not missing any critical features, but I do like to stay up-to-date. What is the usual wait time between new Erlang (or Elixir) release, and official Render support?

Hi there,
Apologies about this - sometimes newer versions come out faster than we can keep track of across all our native environments.

I’ve added a work item to get this version added to our native environments and will post back when this has been done.


John B

We’ve uploaded 25.0.2 and 25.0.3 to Render. In general, we try to make newer Erlang versions available as quickly as possible. In this case, there was a tiny issue with our scripts that prevented us from uploading newer versions for a while. All set now!

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