"How do I solve the output 'Exited with status 1'?

I deployed my backend and frontend separately on Render, and every 5 minutes, in the ‘events’ tab of the dashboard, I see the messages shown in the image ‘events.jpg’. In the ‘logs’ tab, I can observe the following errors when the ‘server unhealthy’ event occurs:


throw er; // Unhandled ‘error’ event

Error: Connection lost: The server closed the connection.

Socket. (/opt/render/project/src/backend/node_modules/mysql2/lib/connection.js:117:31)

Socket.emit (node:events:513:28)

TCP. (node:net:320:12)

Emitted ‘error’ event on Connection instance at:

Connection._notifyError (/opt/render/project/src/backend/node_modules/mysql2/lib/connection.js:252:12)

Socket. (/opt/render/project/src/backend/node_modules/mysql2/lib/connection.js:123:12)

Socket.emit (node:events:513:28)

TCP. (node:net:320:12) {

fatal: true,


My database is hosted on Clever Cloud, and now I’m unsure if the error I’m experiencing is due to Render, Clever Cloud, or if there’s an error in my code. Has anyone experienced this before? Does anyone know how to solve it?

From this error message alone, it sounds like the connection to the MySQL database was lost, and it caused your application server to either hangup (which caused the Render Platform to intervene) or exit.

Clever Cloud doesn’t have significant platform incidents in the last few days ( https://www.clevercloudstatus.com/ ) though this doesn’t mean there isn’t a localized issue with the host that your database resides on.

Similarly we also don’t have platform incidents in the last many days ( https://status.render.com/ ), and something like network connections failing are rarely localized, and it’s not a single host problem since your service has been restated for each of those unhealthy → healthy entries.

I recommend you look into further information available to you via Clever Cloud information, instance health in a dashboard, or other metrics they make available to you.

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