How deploy Quasar app on render?

Hello @al_ps, Please I would like to build app with quasar framework, is it possible to deploy to render?

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I’ve not heard of Quasar, but it looks like a Vue-based project (Node), so yes, I’m sure it would deploy fine.

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Thanks @al_ps, I just want to know if there will be any special configuration or any presets?

I’m not sure, I’d not heard of Quasar until your post. The configuration would be defined by your implementation, and every app is different, so that would be down to you.

When it comes to deploying to Render, you would set your Build and Start Commands as required by the app you created. Their docs appear to have a page on deployment, and it looks much the same as most typical Node apps, build first then serve. Those docs also imply it might be suited to a Render Static Site.


@al_ps, Yes, build first then serve! But I have just added a repo that runs perfect locally but it won’t build on render, not even a log note about it. It starts deploying and halts after some minutes.

We’re going to need some more information here, what are you seeing.

And we’re looking into the logging issue.


@al_ps, sorry for my late response!
Basically, there is nothing in the log… so, I am not seeing anything.

There must be something to share, we’ll need more information, what does the deploy event say it failed with?


@al_ps, Sorry again for my late response… it says quasar is not found!

That doesn’t look like yarn install has been run before yarn build so the dependencies haven’t yet been installed,


John B

Thanks @John_B, I figured that I didn’t add “yarn install” to my build commands! I have fixed that but the page/site won’t load. Getting error page with error code 404 without any log in the console.

Hey @al_ps, @John_B, I am sorry to bug you guys! The quasar app still won’t open :man_facepalming:
My Log looks fine but the page won’t open!

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