How big can Docker images be on (slash why the build/deploy timeout)?

Hi there, my docker image is currently 4GB, and I am on the “starter” plan which says 512, but I’m assuming that is RAM and not actual size of the Docker image, can you correct me if I’m wrong here?

Also, why did it time out? There are no logs, I would have expected it to show the docker image installation logs, where are those? It literally only showed ==> Starting service... and that’s it!

Thanks for the help! I was a big fan of Heroku 10 years ago, then have been using Next.js on Vercel for the past 5 years, but now I need a server for running CLI commands on operating system packages (like FontForge, for example), so my choices were Heroku again, you guys Render, or AWS (or others like AWS). AWS seemed too much for deploy purposes though LightSail looked appealing at first for its price. So I chose Render, so looking for some help here! Looking to better understand how the logging works and what I should expect with my large Docker image.

Thank you so much!


I’ve replied to the same ticket you also opened. Let’s keep the conversation in one place (on the ticket).

For completeness, I’ll repeat my response from the ticket:

RAM amount and image size are not related. A 4GB Docker image is fine to deploy to Render.

An image is pulled and run, and by default it will use the ENTRYPOINT/CMD that were set in the original Dockerfile. For a Web Service, those commands should start an HTTP server. If you want override the original ENTRYPOINT/CMD you can use the “Docker Command” in the service settings.

“Timed out” on a Render Web Service usually means we were unable to detect a running HTTP server. However, it looks like subsequent deploys on the service linked to this ticket have been successful.


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