Ghost data is LOST


I’m hosting ghost on render with starter plan, now it seems the server restarted which resulted in my complete data loss.

I tried to deploy ghost on render 2 weeks ago, firstly I used free plan which uses shared server – it restarted around every 30 mins – I have to re-install again with all my data is lost.

Then I chose to upgrade to use starter plan, It seemed fine until today, I encountered the same situation – I have to re-install again with all my data is lost.

What happened? How can I solve this?

The disk I added is this, does this matter?

Hi there,
How are you deploying Ghost? Are you storing this ‘data’ on a persistent disk - have you referred to our example at


John B

Hi, I followed the example link, I don’t quite remember if I added the persistent disk or not. because i didn’t get kicked as before, so I thought it was OK.

Now I can’t find where I can add that for my current service. I will start a new service to do it again!

One thing from your article - you can definitely add disks to an existing webservice, perhaps you were using our free plan which doesn’t support disks?

I’m glad that you had your data somewhere though :slight_smile:

John B