Getting 502 Bad gateway error

I should start by saying I am very inexperienced at deploying web services and have never previously used render, so apologies if I use the wrong terms

my web service [] hosts a trained model, when I use Postman to check the model is working (using [] and I use an image the model was trained on, I get a valid response and the image is successfully predicted, but when I use an untrained image that the model hasn’t seen before, it always throws a 502 Bad gateway error and says that it received an invalid response from the upstream server.

Any help or advice anyone could give me would be much appreciated

I read an earlier post which said that the port could be the problem, I wanted try changing my current port (10000) to 3000 but I’m not sure quite how to do it on Render

apoligies, i have found the issue, the images need to be resized before being passed through, i cant find a way of deleting this topic