GDPR compliance for EU customers


My team has already been in discussion with someone at Render about this, but it raised some questions that I think could be useful for all EU customers of Render.

Our general question is: how do you ensure your EU customers remain GDPR compliant while using Render services?

One thing we have been told so far is:

Your databases are encrypted before being transferred to the US, and encryption keys are also on our US servers.

  1. Can you confirm why our database is transferred to the US when it is created in the Frankfurt region? If this is to aid with customer support or something, can we opt out of such a transfer/replica being held in the US?

  2. Could it be useful to have some documentation somewhere to confirm that EU customers can remain GDPR compliant while using Render? And to note any extra steps they might need to take - eg request a data processing agreement from Render? Currently a search of ‘GDPR’ doesn’t yield any useful results.



Is someone from Render able to look at this?

I would like to second this. It’s a potential dealbreaker for us. We have clients that are very wary of GDPR and we’d need Render to provide a GDPR data processing agreement (like many other cloud providers to in a standardized fashion).

Render offers a standard data processing agreement that meets international privacy requirements. Please email if you have questions about your specific use case and the privacy requirements for your region. We’d be happy to share more about how your data is processed on Render.

Adding documentation for this is on our list of things to do! Sorry for the confusion!

I think the question above is relevant regardless of specific use cases. Would you be able to answer it here?

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As part of our managed PostgreSQL product, we automatically backup user databases. These backups are encrypted and stored in servers in the US. With the understanding that no automatic backups will be taken for a database, we can disable backups for a database. We will eventually colocate db backups in the same region as the database.

I would love to have that. Can you share how to find the agreement? I googled around, but seem to be unable to find it.

@fchristl You can email!