Fluentbit on Render for pushing to Cloudwatch?

Hi All,

Wondering if anybody has tried using Fluentbit on Render to accept Log Streams (which are very cool by the way!) and forward that to Amazon Cloud Watch.

From reading the docs, I think the lack of TLS on the Syslog Input Plugin might make it a non-starter.

Render folks: Are there any plans to allow the Log Streams to use an internal service URL for TCP/UDP transport? Recognise why you wouldn’t want to allow anything non-TLS externally, but maybe something running on a private service would be OK?

Also open to more straightforward ways to get logs into CloudWatch :wink:

Hey Nik,

Glad you’re enjoying log streams! Insecure transport for internal traffic is an interesting idea. I’d suggest opening a feature request at feedback.render.com with your use case so we can gauge interest and notify you of updates.

In the meantime, your best bet might be to not rely on our log streaming and instead just use a logging client within your application that authenticates and ships logs to CloudWatch.

There is also a paid service that can redirect logs to CloudWatch from a syslog endpoint, though we haven’t yet had anyone use this yet as far as I know: Send logs from Syslog to AWS Cloudwatch logs | Vector

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Yep - that makes sense! I’ll check out Vector, thanks!