Finding Hugo-experienced developers for blog support?

Hello -

I have started using Hugo and the Mainroad theme with hosting on

I would like to find a community of experienced Hugo developers that I can contract with from time to time to enable different capabilities on my blog. For example, at this time, I’d like to have support for user comments on blog posts. I’d like to outsource setting this up to someone who is experienced with Hugo.

What’s a reasonable way to find such people?


John Sambrook

Hi John,

For Hugo-specific help, rather than hosting questions, you may want to look at and in particular their services category if it’s a paid job rather than general questions.




Thank you for the redirect!



Hey @JSambrook ,

As @c54ffe mentioned, for Hugo specific questions, their forum is a better resource. If you need any help with Render specific hosting issues, please let us know and we’d be happy to help!