Filter LogDNA logs by Render service


We’ve deployed metabase as one of our render services and are now getting logs from it that we want separated from the rest of our logging infra (we care about them, but not to the same extent as our app logs).

Is there a way to tag logs with which render service they came from?

Ah! I just realized how to do this for ourselves. It turns out the source: srv- tags actually correspond to the render service id and don’t change on deploys. I can use that in my filter.

More context on what was happening: we have a LogDNA alert set on warnings from our applications. We do this in LogDNA by creating a view that sends us an email whenever it sees logs with the level warn. I needed to filter metabase warnings out of that view, but I wasn’t able to find a good identifier to do so. I’d deployed Metabase using instructions from Deploy Metabase | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers. After a little sleuthing I found the srv- ids associated with log lines by render and noticed they were the same as url identifier for our services.

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