File not found for downloaded files (Render)

Hey, our web app is supposed to take in an instagram link and scrape then download the video so that we can process it for something else. Locally, for our flask web app when we input the insta link the folder and files downloads containing the video and we get no errors. However, here it is not working when we host the web app on render. Do we need a disk or something? My full stack knowledge is minimal I’m a beginner

Hi Ghaadi,

If you’re going to be downloading many videos (or large videos) then I’d recommend using Render Disk. But, you should still be able to save temporary files even without one.

I think the reason you’re seeing that error might be because the instagram_videos/ directory doesn’t exist. Can you try having your application create that directory (using something like os.mkdir(“instagram_videos/”)) early in its startup?

Please let us know if that solves it for you.

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