Express app deployment fails for errror in mysql module

Express app deployment fails for the following problem
Oct 29 12:20:34 PM this.acquireTimeout = (options.acquireTimeout === undefined)
Oct 29 12:20:34 PM ^
Oct 29 12:20:34 PM
Oct 29 12:20:34 PM TypeError: Cannot read property ‘acquireTimeout’ of undefined
Oct 29 12:20:34 PM at new PoolConfig (/opt/render/project/src/node_modules/mysql/lib/PoolConfig.js:10:38)
This application is running fine on local and heroku am I missing any thing here
Complete code

Hi there,
That error is occurring inside the mySQL module itself - are you running the same version of Node on localhost and Heroku when you’re deploying to us? Are you using the same version of the module - either way, it feels like an application issue as opposed to something that is Render specific here,


John B

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