Export metric data to Prometheus

Hello! Is there a way to export metrics data(like web service instance cpu utilization、memory utilization) to Prometheus?
similar Exporters and integrations | Prometheus
or How to get metrics data ? API ?

I need to monitor our web service instance, we have set up prometheus. Thanks

Hi Mort,

Apologies for the delayed response here, can you give me some more details on how you set up Prometheus? I have seen other users set it up using our Docker environment and then communicate via the internal host:port combination.

Hi tyler,

thanks for your reply. Does render provide a way to obtain metrics data through API?
When I set up a web service application, I would like to get the CPU usage etc.
Or should I install GitHub - prometheus/node_exporter: Exporter for machine metrics in my web service?

Hi Mort, we don’t expose service metrics through our API but you should be able to communicate to your prometheus instance from your web service using the internal address.

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