404 Not Found on Port 443

Hello, I’m attempting to configure Prometheus (https://prometheus.io/) to monitor one of my render web services. I have to enter a port for the target render app, and I’ve entered 443 which is the normal SSL port. However when I query my endpoints with port 443 (ex. https://my-app.onrender.com:443/health), I only received 404 Not Found responses. Where can I specify that my web service should return content on port 443?

Can you send me a direct message of the ID for the web service you are trying to reach? And just to confirm, the Prometheus instance is running outside of Render, correct?

Hey Jake I’ve sent you a direct message, thanks

Any updates on this? @OLI9292 How did you figure it out?


The issue in this case was that Prometheus doesn’t send a Host header which is required by our Load Balancer.

Using the internal url for the service worked as that by passes the public load balancer.