Exited with status 1 when checking out commit


Exited with status 1 while building your code.

May 19 07:29:51 PM ==> Cloning from https://gitlab.com/
May 19 07:29:54 PM ==> Checking out commit a384a70847445d90f37a2ae19aac4745d4db8f04 in branch main

Anyone had a similar issue before? It’s not giving any additional output in the logs.

Pipeline succeeds on gitlab and build / start scripts run perfectly fine locally.

Tried to create a new webservice, reconnected the repository, etc.

My other repositories from gitlab also deploy fine, so it doesn’t seem like an access rights issue.

It’s a nestjs application. I created a webservice using node.
Build script is yarn; yarn build
Start script is node dist/main

On build locally the dist/main.js is created as well.

Though I have the feeling it’s not a build/start issue as it’s not even hitting the “checking for cache line” but stops after “Checking out commit”.

Not sure where to start debugging. Hope anyone had a similar issue and was able to fix it.


I’ve replied to the ticket you also opened, I’ll add the same response here:

I think this is related to the .node_version file in your repo, which defines an invalid Node version (18.15.11)

I’ve flagged this issue internally to prevent this scenario from failing silently.


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