Every new commit wipes new users from my SQLite3 database

My Django project is deployed on render, it’s live and everything works fine, but every time I make a commit, all newly registered users disappear from the database, along with all the changes I made through the Django admin (editing descriptions, uploading photos, etc).
As far as I understand, when deployed from GitHub, an old version is pulled and all changes are wiped out. I connected the render disk specifying the path /project/src/, but that didn’t help, any commit still erases all the changes made directly on the server.
Please help me solve this problem. I understand that the lost users cannot be restored, but I wouldn’t want to lose them in the future…
Thanks in advance!

Hey Stan,

So this suggests that the SQLite DB isn’t being written to when you have the disk mounted, you have 3 options.

  1. Configure Django to write to the mount path of the disk
  2. identify where the sqlitefile is being written to via the shell tab and navigating th file tree (you can’t mount a disk at /project/src - it needs to be a subdirectory
  3. Use Postgres

John B
Render Support, UTC :uk:

Thanks for lighting fast reply, John!
Now I have smth to think about)
By the way added to ignored path but it isn’t working anyway…

Ignored paths like that control what triggers a deploy when those paths are changed on the source repo - so a little bit different from what I suspect you might think they are,


John B
Render Support, UTC :uk:

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