ETIMEDOUT on mysql

(Sorry for my bad English!)

Hello, today I got my Raspberry pi and made a fresh new database and populated it without a problem for my project. Then made it public to the internet and now can be accessed anywhere.

Then I deployed on Render a Express project that use mysql and for some reason I cannot connect to the database, im getting this “Error: connect ETIMEDOUT” error when trying to createConnection with the database.

Locally there is no problem but in the Render Web Service is not working for some reason. I red somewhere that it can be the firewall of my router (where my raspberry server is connected) but I already turned it off and tested again and nothing. Maybe you guys can help me? Thanks in advance!


Network configuration of your home network to expose a local MySQL instance to the public internet would be beyond the scope of Render’s support.

Maybe another member of the community would be able to help, but I would advise extreme caution if you’re planning to start opening up your home network to the internet. Ensure that it is as restrictive as possible, e.g. only allow access from Render outbound IPs, etc.

I’d suggest you use a cloud-based MySQL instance, either on Render as shown in our MySQL guide (note: Private Services don’t have a free instance type), or another MySQL provider.


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